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What is an "Environmental Story?"

What is "Environmental Storytelling"?

(c) 2006 Kevin Strauss

Story: a narrative of an actual, fictional, legendary or mythic event

Storytelling: the act of using voice and body language to communicate a narrative directly from one person to another.

In my mind, storytelling is much more than just words or gestures. In the process of telling a story, a storyteller takes the mental images from her head, translates them into words and body language, and then transmits them to the minds of her listeners. Storytelling is actually an act of co-creation. The teller transmits the images, but the listeners have an even more important part. They create the story pictures in their own minds. As the audience reacts to a story, a storyteller adjusts the story making each telling of a tale a unique, living experience.

Environmental Story: a narrative that either teaches something about the animals, plants and natural wonders of our world, or that teaches an environmental education concept like diversity, sustainability, food chains or adaptations

Environmental Storytelling: using the power of spoken word narrative to teach people about the natural world and to inspire them to care for and protect the environment.

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